Who has recorded at nightbird studios?

And to address what you just said, which is wise beyond words, when people ask me about making records, engineers, technology, etc., give me good ears and experience and four tracks any day of the week, more than 96 professional tool tracks and someone who doesn't know what they're doing, and I'll guarantee a better registration. But I'm just saying that all of a sudden everyone's living room turned into a recording studio and the business model comes with it. When you record in Studio A or B, as everyone from Aerosmith to Rihanna has done, the video screen shows a constant collage of album covers and singles from some of the most outstanding projects made in NightBird. And I can't think of two albums that define the studio because the range of styles and artists is literally half a century.

So, is there one or two albums that really, for you, define the story of NightBird by thinking about it and define it for you? Son of legendary composer Jerry Leiber, one half of the songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller with Mike Stoller, Jed turns to his childhood to tell the story of how he learned studio etiquette, as well as to talk about the story of NightBird and the one or two sessions he wishes he had sat in. And he had forgotten to play disco and supposedly lost the quintessential shot of Is That All There Is by Peggy Lee. I spoke to NightBird owner Jed Leiber, who decided to build the studio in the early 1990s after he and guitar god Jeff Beck were moved to the basement to write and record music after the couple received noise complaints from recording in their hotel room. Jed saw an opportunity to build a fully developed recording studio, just a few steps away from the famous bar and luxurious swimming pool at Sunset Marquis.

So as for the studio label, if you're the tape, you pay attention and hit record when it's time to record.