What is the best studio in the world?

Originally a nine-bedroom house built in 1829, it was purchased by the Gramophone Company in 1928, who then built the world's first purpose-built recording studio. The address of St John's Wood was chosen for its large garden and its ideal location, close enough to the performance spaces of the time, but away from the noise and vibrations of traffic and trains. The studio was founded in 2000 by Wyclef Jean from The Fugees and Jerry 'Wonda' Duplessis, Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum producer. The two came together with the goal of giving artists an unparalleled studio experience.

By focusing on sound quality, productivity and privacy, they have created a truly world-class space where artists instantly feel at home, can get into their creative flow and record the next big hit. Be the first to hear about GRAMMY nominees, winners, important news and events. Privacy Policy This impressive list includes the best of the best in terms of tracking and mixing spaces, studio equipment, talented staff and inspiring atmosphere. So put on another cup of coffee while we take a tour of some highlights on the list.

Learn why music is really a common language that is key to human development and evolution. But why does music mean so much to us? A powerful form of communication that transcends all barriers, music is our common language, but why? Composer and educator with a lifelong fascination with music, Adam Ockelford has traced our connection to music to babies and caregivers. Babies are unable to follow words, but are prepared to trace patterns in sound, for example, through songs that a caregiver sings to them. Therefore, understanding music is intuitive for humans, even at a very young age, and encourages healthy development.

In addition, there may be another evolutionary purpose for music. Music provides a sense of equality between humans, if you can copy the sounds that someone else makes, you must be an ally. This synergy plays a role in human survival because it evokes empathy and understanding, a lesson we still learn from music in today's culture. Pearl Jam's Mike McCready says if you love music, record stores are the place to find it With a dozen GRAMMY nominations to date, Pearl Jam's only win so far was at the 38th GRAMMY Awards for Spin The Black Circle for Best Hard Rock Performance.

Seattle Pop Culture Museum to Present Pearl Jam Exhibit The Legends of Dark Punk Will Play Their First Concert with Glenn Danzig and Jerry Solo Since Last Year's Riot Fest Reunion Today there's great news for punk-rock fans aware that the Misfits did much more than just t-shirts. Gibson Guitars Appoints GRAMMY-Winning Slash Global Brand Ambassador Pledges Support to Those Affected by Hurricanes This Year through the Save the Children's Journey of Hope Program, which Gaga announced on her Born This Way Foundation website that she will support the Save the Children's Journey of Hope program, which uses a variety of tools to help young people cope with trauma after natural disasters. The announcement came on World Mental Health Day, and the Monster of Fame has invited us all to take a step forward and consider making a contribution to the Journey of Hope program to support children's mental and emotional needs. Beyoncé releases the video of the International Day of the Girl Child “Freedom”.

The Dungeon is probably best known for the hip-hop collective that was born out of it, Dungeon Family. The Dungeon itself was a studio in the basement of producer Rico Wade's mother in Atlanta, Georgia, but the collective has included some of the best hip-hop acts in the south and, consequently, of all time. In the upper left is the only image I could find of the dungeon that appears in it is that of Dungeon Family and the founders of the production company Organized Noize, Sleepy Brown, Ray Murray and Rico Wade (from left to right). Probably the most famous members of the Dungeon family are Big Boi and Andre 3000 (bottom left).

Practically every Outkast album was recorded with Dungeon Family. It is also home to Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo Green, Bubba Sparxxx, Janelle Monae and Future (pictured right with a Dungeon Family tattoo on his forearms). On the other side of the world, we have Sunset Sound Recorders, on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It was originally built to record the music of Walt Disney movies, and you can thank them for Mary Poppins, Bambi and 101 Dalmatians, but they reached much higher rock heights.

In addition to the founders of rock, Sun Studio also recorded albums for blues greats B, B. King, Howlin' Wolf and Junior Parker. It closed for a while, but then reopened in 1987, where, probably, most notably, he recorded U2's Rattle and Hum (198). It's called “The Motown of Jamaica”, but it really should be called Studio One.

Because Studio One is the home of reggae, and it doesn't need the Motown qualifier. The Remote Control Productions recording studio led by Hans Zimmer is a complex of seven buildings. At the center is Zimmer's personal studio, which houses old analogue wall-to-wall synthesizers, from Moog Modulars to the MC-54HZ (the largest CMS system on the planet). Riksmixningsverket is a music recording studio located on the island of Skeppsholmen, in central Stockholm.

Housed in a 150-year-old naval warehouse, the studio accommodates up to 45 musicians in the live room overlooking the waters of Stockholm. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The inspiration for your music studio can be a rich history, a unique mystique of an individual composer, or a refinement in the way whiteboards and speakers, instruments and microphones are set up to perfection. The Record Plant was founded in 1973 by Gary Kellgren and Chris Stone, with the intention of being a place that emulates the atmosphere of a real recording studio.

Brothers Thomas and Peter Meisel founded the Hansa Record label in 1962 and from 1965 they recorded in Ariola until 1973, when they opened their own studio known today as Hansa. The studio itself has a large live room (good mid-range recording) with an open feeling that during the day is flooded with natural light thanks to the number of glass doors and windows in the building. Abbey Road is a legendary studio located in northwest London, UK, known for its musical history. A high-end LiLo console from Speck Electronics with +28 dBu clearance is the centerpiece of the studio with first-class outboard equipment from API, Chandler Limited, Manley for processing tasks.

While the Oxford Street studio continued to thrive until it later closed in 1991, a sister studio was built in the Caribbean in the mid-1970s. This one could get here just because of the novelty of having what is basically a truck with a recording studio, but in reality it has been the site of a series of incredibly good recordings. Easily, the most fascinating study on this list is Lee “Scratch Perry's Black Ark Studio” in Kingston, Jamaica. It was established in 1989, and it is said that the studio has an inspiring air due to the legends that have touched there.

Metropolis took advantage of this by making the control room the main focus of each studio, which soon became their iconic location. Even the studio rooms at Metropolis are cosy and inviting, with a relaxed atmosphere that feels exclusive to the client. The world-class recording studio has featured artists such as David Bowie, Norah Jones and My Morning Jacket. If you have the right song, using the best professional recording studio setup is the only option to achieve the best results.

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